A bit about me

Hello! My name is Scott Shicoff and I'm a game industry veteran who has managed to parlay a passion for video games into a career that started back in 1994.

This site exists to serve as a vehicle for practical things like my resume, as well as side projects like graphic novels and RPG development.

Over the last 25+ years I've been lucky enough to work at a handful of amazing places, and on a myriad of different projects and genres of games. Starting from humble beginnings in QA at Maxis, I’ve since been everything from a tester on SimCity 2000, to a creative director at a company called Expresso Fitness that built hardware and software for video game-drive exercise bikes.

I joined Blizzard as a Design Department Manager for Heroes of the Storm and StarCraft II. After about 1.5 years, I moved back from management to be one of two designers creating an unannounced project from the ground up. Prior to joining Blizzard, I worked at Cryptic Studios as the lead designer for Neverwinter Online, the free-to-play, action MMO available on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Baby Teeth now available!

After many years (most of which involved completely ignoring the project), my first graphic novel is now available on Comixology!

This was a project that was started back in 1998 when I was still back at Maxis. My good friend and co-worker (talented artist Broderick Macaraeg) and I really wanted to create a comic book. Back then I was really annoyed that vampires weren't monsters anymore (and this was well before Twilight!), so I came up with a concept that I thought would be intentionally upsetting. Originally called, "Blood & Milk," Ricky and I began work on a story about baby vampires.

Unfortunately, as the game industry often goes, Ricky and I went to different companies before getting too far along. Somehow, 15 years later, we realized we lived near each other again. One thing led to another and a horror comic was created.

You know how you can live with an idea for so long that you become numb to any connected emotional element? Well, I was worried that there was nothing horrifying in this horror comic... and I've been told by parents that they struggle to finish it because it's too upsetting. So... fair warning I guess?